Ciao! I'm Elena

I’m Elena from Venice in Italy.

I was born and raised on this island and have been working as a tour guide for a long time.

I am a licensed tour guide in Venice but i also work all over Italy. I love to travel and connect with people. Getting to know different cultures, traditions, food and more important experiences, enriches you in a way that the entire world fits in your pocket and you feel you can have friends and connections anywhere you go.

I love to teach, to inspire, to help making history easy to each level for a better understanding.

I have different passions. After playing volleyball for 15 years, i decided that outdoor activities was the way to go. So i began with kayaking and rowing through the canals of Venice getting to know my island from the water and actually it was a new love!

Then i dusted off an old love, my bike. The crazy pandemic pushed me to be willing to explore more and more. So my mini trips saved literally my spirit and infuse me new energy to live with.

Venice is the city of mirrors, the city of mirages, at once solid and liquid, at once air and stone.

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